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Foaming Agent

Product origin : Fujian, China
Delivery time : According to product order quantity
Supply capacity : According to product type

Foaming Agent


PE、PVC、EVA  SHOES FOAM SERIES are improved for shoes foaming process carefully ,after foaming giving products in white, fine bubble hole,High cost performance.

Prouct Properties:


1AC3000E  foaming agent is mainly used in EVA, PVC, polymers and other molding injection foam. Also used in the inside mold foaming technology. 2、AC-1000P / AC-2000 / AC-3000E / AC-6000H / foaming agent models are widely used in PE, EVA, PVC, inside mold foaming, injection, extrusion and other shoe materials and artificial leather foam products. 3、Model AC-5000 foaming agent is mainly used in EVA sheet foaming and hard PVC wood plastic extrusion products. 4、Model AC-7000 foaming agent is mainly used in EVA, PE  second time inside mold foaming products.

Using the product Pictures:

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